Mu #2

Mu #2 further expands on the zen koan. This time i’ve gone a a bit into 3d, loading the graphics of the previous version into Maxon’s Cinema 4DXL to build an animation reminiscent of the 9/11 disaster. It’s not very political, though, i just use the event as an illustration of endowing timely constructs with illusions of grandeur and eternal power.

The animation consisting of two flash files comment on the fictional status of our assumptions due to the increasing potential of our hardware. The fastest computer on earth couldn’t render these two anims without loss of speed in one of them, eventually. Moore’s law of increasing processor speed applied a billion times would not change that essentially. It would change it as far as human perception goes, and beyond the limit of a machine’s time of life, but the limit will always be there.

Mistaking the runtime of software for real time is one of the transcoding processes i see in the way human perception of reality is being changed by the allegory of computation. I feel it’s rather dangerous to believe that if you can solve problems in a digitally simulated discrete universe, you can automatically apply those solutions to the real universe. It may work in some clearly isolated cases, but never ‘automatically’. Not even if you build a new kind of science on the assumption that the real universe equals what you make of it.

Ofcourse the universe is what you make of it. But that sentence already contains two steps in time, one towards the fiction of being and one of representation. Both steps take time, changing the place radically.

The looping animations in Mu # 2 are of equal length. One contains the RGB channels of a Cinema 4D rendering, the other the alpha channel of the same file.

Things may be created equal, like we humans are supposed to be (not that anyone holding on to a scrapnel of power acts like we are). But they never last long enough for any being to catch up on them.

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