Time is on your site

While i’m all tied up decorating our new home and trying to live up to all the promises i made to some very nice people, the Cathedral and its Residents are getting very jumpy. The Cathedral-Mother is complaining constantly of lack of Coherence, Clarity and Quality in the Cathedral and that i am largely to blame for the horrible fact that- i quote -“It almost looks like a website”.

I tried to get her calm by pointing out that for most of us there are more important things in life like people getting killed in hurricanes and wars and of starvation and all that. That really got her mad – “as if those fictions MATTER” – so i immediately got my orders to “do sth about it, like yesterday”.

She’s gone now, so i very hastily put up a new Quality link to mr Brian Kim Stefans’ work at at the KRISITINE space, pointed out some incredible Coherence in Baudy’s place and tried to bring some Clarity in Lode Kok’s contribution to the Anke Veld NetNovel, the Dutch text at least.

So to Anyone reading this: dear Anyone, would you please leave some comments here or at the Cathedral Blog or where you can, saying how clear, coherent and ‘unlike a website’it all is (pl do NOT write ‘other website’)and that such quality can only come about because it’s a natural process, apparently, making good for the obvious shortcomings of its author who is not too clear in his perception of his own work?

Thanks, you’re a life-saver.


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