What is nAârt? elaborated from the dv FUQ-list

dv FUQ-list: What is nAârt?

NAârt is how i name my art or craft. It’s personal, it’s not for sale, but you can use it if you want.

It carries a French ‘accent circonflexe’ because it is selfreferential. You are supposed to pronounce it like naaha-aha-aart, in as many risings in your intonation as you can handle. It’s fun pronouncing nAârt, you should try it, you start off very decisive with the ‘n’, then start hesitating, move your way up & up towards a ridiculously high A, stammering yourself into a sneeze of sorts near the end. Always carry a handkerchief when pronouncing nAârt in public places. When you pronounce nAârt, nAârt happens.

NAârt is never an static object, it is always an event, a process. One of the purposes of starting a nAârt process is finding a way to define nAârt, to create a referential cohesion that would enable everyone to talk about nAârt, and hence to make it easier for people to make nAârt, just like one of the purposes of the Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends is to find (a way to built) the Cathedral. NAârt is desire, or better, a little further away from the fictional equation, nAârt’s [undefined] algorythm is (happening like) the [undefined] algorythm of desire.

My Cathedral is the place where my nAârt finds its perfect expression, where it gets its unity of movement. That’s where authorship is a central concept, where i refuse to do without authorship as the key to unlocking creativity. I do not believe in collaboration if it is not a collaboration of authors. I do not believe in the freedom of the collective. There can only be a collected freedom of authors. There is no higher level in which humans could function like ants, there are no levels, only complications, literally: folds upon folds, a contingency of implications, folds folding into folds and a gathering of explications, desires unfolding complexes of desires.

But it should not end or stop at the individual: my nAârt, like anybody’s nAârt is also a manual, and therefore : a command.

You cannot read nAârt. You cannot buy nAârt. You cannot feel or see or hear nAârt.

If you’re reading this, and you are reading this, you are USING nAârt, you are a nAârt user. Don’t worry, its (still) legal. NAârt cannot come into this world, you cannot talk about nAârt without it being useful. NAârt abuses language to create nAârt, to command you, the receptor, into using nAârt, creating the nAârt in your veins, erecting the desire for nAârt in your field of vision. NAârt is therefore an unstoppable process.

Now you know, so go and make your own nAârt, you can have all of mine to start from or there’s millions of terrabytes out there that’s much better too. You’re doomed to make nAârt, so you’d better have some fun while doing it.

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