Daria: Digital Art(ist)

Daria: Digital Art(ist)

Now here’s some genuine process art. Brilliant stuff. i tried it with cathedral and here’s what it came up with:

The whole idea of course would be to have this kind of proces (author’s concept+user participation+distributed AI system with genetic algorithms) integrated in an authoring process (involving personal desire processes and art tradition as a process.

So please let’s not fall into the old metaphorical trap again or we’ll be falling in love with Daria or Dario before short like we’re leaning out of Windows now.

It will take me ages (sigh), to pinpoint what i’m after & actually show it, because i’m too d*** slow and too distracted even to explain it. i comfort myself with Deleuze’s wise comment that one can only write on the edge of what one knows, and in that sense the plans do come with and in the building, just like poems write themselves when they’re any good. Authors are truly prostitutes.

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