to game or nottogame

not much of a question is it. i’ve started building the game mode of the NKdeE yesterday. there’s no way out of it, no matter how much you think things through: any cultural interface that has any meaning will somehow resemble Simms, tombraider and the like.

no use in waiting for the next step, either

because of my cultural background with it’s fixation on the ultimate value of high standard, elite art -yes, i’m still very much a working class hero i suppose- i always postponed this moment, searching for alternatives in every direction, but all roads do lead there. one of the reasons i put it off has always been that authoring soft wasn’t up to the job in the one-person-doing-it-all way, it still isn’t, but i feel it’s the time to start doing it anyway, because you cán get some results that are usable in a here’s my new revolutionary 100 mhz super pc way. Ok it’s gonna be food for history footnotes to footnotes in an automatically generated footnote file to a discarded page in the compendium to the history of early 21 century dev, so what?

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