This open website is a work in progress and is is a part of my New Cathedral of Erotic Misery (2004-present day).
It is a place to share stuff connected to the Heracleitos Fragments.

Me, i’m just a Dutch (Flemish) author publishing online at
In its Neo-Cathedralic context this is a running program, a tool in a larger framework of apps and creative routines, but that needn’t bother the user here.

It aims to list all known fragments of text ascribed to Heracleitos of Efeze in their original language alongside

  • a transcription in the Latin alphabet (transcriptions to other writing systems are welcome too)
  • (references to) the context where the fragments are to be found and translations thereoff
  • translations into English, French and Dutch as available in open source online files
  • translations from published collections in any language. the books are (i hope) properly referenced here.
  • alternative translations in those languages offered by users of this website
  • translations into other languages offered by users or readers of this website
  • ‘readings’ (‘lectures’, ‘lezingen’) of or commentaries on the individual fragments in either French, English or Dutch. These texts can take any form or genre, poem, essay, story, prose…
  • works of art based on or dealing with individual fragments: any other code (visual or audio or any mixture) that can be published through or linked in the WordPress application.

Anybody is welcome to become a ‘user’ (co-editor) of this website. Any reader may offer transcriptions, translations or ‘readings’ of fragments to any user.

To join or contribute just mail me @
Also if you see a mistake somewhere please tell me about it through the same address!


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