τὰ δὲ πάντα οἰακίζει κεραυνός

Hippolytos,  Φιλοσοφούμενα ή κατὰ πασῶν αἱρέσεων ἔλεγχος (Weerlegging van alle ketterijen)  9.10.7


  • ta de panta oiakizei keraunos


  • And he likewise affirms that a judgment of the world and all things in it takes place by fire, expressing himself thus: “Now, thunder pilots all things,” that is directs [them], meaning by thunder everlasting fire. But he also asserts that this fire is endued with intelligence, and a cause of the management of the Universe, and he denominates it craving and satiety.” (zie Hippolytus bij Bronteksten)
  • It is the thunderbolt (κεραυνός) that steers (οἰακίζει) the course of all things (τὰ πὰντα )
  • This Universe is governed by Thunderbolt…
    …by “Thunderbolt” he means the eternal fire. (LEBEDEV)
  • The thunderbolt pilots all things. (KAHN)



  • Этим /миром/ правит Громовой Удар, то есть управляет, а «громовым ударом» он называет вечный огонь


  • Dit alles bestuurt de bliksem (CLAES)
  • De bliksem bestuurt dit alles als een roer (VERHOEVEN)
  • Bliksem bestiert alles. (MANSFELD)
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