Cathedral reading

a Cathedral reading of remnants the work of a deceased author is the first step in the process of promoting the read author to ‘Cathedral Resident’.

any cathedral is qualified mainly by the (kind of ) residents it has. Cathedral residency is a temporary qualification made solely by the residing Cathedral-Author ( i’m only a Cathedral-Novice, i can only become a Cathedral-Author through appointment by my successor, in her function as Acting Cathedral-Author. i have however been granted partial Cathedral Authority as a reward for initing the New Cathedral.

this situation has led to some issues as in the early days (2004-2010) authors like Charles Baudelaire and Lionel Ziprin were being granted Cathedral residency without going through the required Reading. these residencies are now under fire and as a result, in the midst of all the Corona turmoil, Charles Baudelaire has preemptively vacated his premisses and left the Cathedral without any explanation or message whatsoever.

well, you know how he can get.