Is er rond het lijk van Heliogabalus, dood zonder graf, in de latrines van zijn paleis de keel overgesneden door de eigen politie, een intense circulatie van uitwerpselen en bloed, dan is er rond zijn wieg een intense circulatie van sperma.

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an extremely concise reading of 13 Neo-Cathedral Proverbs pt 2

part 1   6. matter happens  Often, when using proverbial language, stating the obvious is required, just as a reminder. All persistence is relative to the frame of time that is being used. Even in the frame of geological time it is clear that no matter is ‘really’ stable, it does not ‘exist’ like we […]

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The Principles of Cathedral Browsing

As explained to my children: (the general drift of the explanation rendered by photoshop discolorings of the original drawing).