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an extremely concise reading of 13 Neo-Cathedral Proverbs pt 2

part 1   6. matter happens  Often, when using proverbial language, stating the obvious is required, just as a reminder. All persistence is relative to the frame of time that is being used. Even in the frame of geological time it is clear that no matter is ‘really’ stable, it does not ‘exist’ like we […]

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Spinoza flowing through all eight piecesof my living room (here’s) (tonal modes) “Cognitionem unionis quam mens cum tota natura habet” 1. 1 Amending ze traffique de drogues Ending, purposing, fail. We are not the ones.Why did it turn out to be saving and notstoring files, who’s keeping track of these Things? Are You? The regressio […]

scooters show all scooters vacation having a fall

another vague of Michaux (by csperez collected by Bjorn from Up There Somewhere)

Drugs bore us with their paradises. Let them give us a little knowledge instead. This is not a century for paradise. Henri Michaux from A CERTAIN PLUME (Un certain Plume, 1930, with additions in 1936) I. A PEACEFUL MAN Stretching his hands out from the bed, Plume was surprised not to encounter the wall. “Hmm,” […]

show all scooters vacation having a fall

Harry’s totally seismic Hard St. Rochelesk Revival and the Cre(atura)danse Act

eadless quena emerging in a field of dark orange chocolatterie (detail) T hought is t (he thouGht of thoUght) It’s Not too late.Act now andend the end. 3000 worldsIn a flash w/ aSlight cold Tengu 2‘s sneezingWildly intoa fieldofPink skinnyladimeetsa heavin & aroarin et erna lalal hailé sex- er er Darnwherezthe obsession.getAttribute (irish westernbootstrappedfreakofahoundogtrying to […]