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an extremely concise reading of 13 Neo-Cathedral Proverbs pt 2

part 1   6. matter happens  Often, when using proverbial language, stating the obvious is required, just as a reminder. All persistence is relative to the frame of time that is being used. Even in the frame of geological time it is clear that no matter is ‘really’ stable, it does not ‘exist’ like we […]

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an extremely concise reading of 13 Neo-Cathedral Proverbs pt 1

Ein Aphorismus, rechtschaffen geprägt und ausgegossen, ist damit, dass er abgelesen ist, noch nicht „entziffert“; vielmehr hat nun erst dessen Auslegung zu beginnen, zu der es einer Kunst der Auslegung bedarf. Friedrich Nietzsche, Sils-Maria, Oberengadin, im Juli 1887. 1. measure ends where life begins Life, Vita, the Bergsonian creative force, is beyond human measure. Measure […]

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Complicity with the author

erhaps fiction is all we have. German idealist philosopher Hans Vaihinger posited something of that nature in his work on the philosophy of the as-if. As it happens, Vaihinger’s work is only known by frequent quotations, not all of them very reliable, in papers, essays and books dealing with American literature. In that field Vaihinger […]