Subject:Re: Fwd: Your Facebook Page has been scheduled for deletion

dv 2018 – “Ce qui ne s’est jamais vu!!” – Grote Collage uit het Onderleggerboek
Date:Sunday, August 19, 2018, 2:04:09 PM GMT+2

Nothing ’s happening on that page, so i clean it up in order to avoid some spammer making abuse of it in the future. There’s the Platformplee-group and the website still, although those are pretty dead too. I’ve done all the work of setting it up, but apparently nobody wants to use it, which is a bit sad because sharing through Facebook alone is detrimental to online creativity i think, people are just handing themselves over for exploitation and are willingly being divided among and against themselves by FB’s algorithms and ‘reporting’ actions and blockings boil down to downright auto-censorship.

Apparently the Dutch ‘authors’ prefer being ‘liked’ on FB over doing some serious online writing. They care about money or status, not about writing, about finding ways to adapt literature to the new situation. They care about authors ‘rights’, while the only true right of an author is to be enabled to fulfill his duty namely to write. I wouldn’t care too much about this attitude if it weren’t for the simple fact that through this they are taking away exactly that very right from our successors because they allow the whole space left for writing to collapse. They just don’t see how what they write is being determined by how they write it, what technical means they use and what channels force them to reshape and rethink whatever they come up with. They all adore themselves as some kind of supernatural geniuses walking on clouds and highly elevated above the ‘ordinary’ people; They don’t see that writing equals reading equals writing and that we are all authors. They can clean up their own shit, i won’t be bothered with it anymore, i’ll find and build some new space to read/write in.

I will post this answer to your question on my website.

Dirk Vekemans


On Sunday, August 19, 2018, 1:23:02 AM GMT+2, Marco Giovenale <> wrote:

what’s happening, Dirk?

i hope all is ok
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