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“onderstebovenistieke schets van Nele in b-pose”
dv 2017, pierre noir & water color on cardboard, A5, €25

Een werkje geïnspireerd door de schilderijen van de Vietnamees Dinh Lee van de Upsidedown-beweging in de schilderkunst aldaar. Zie de viertalige website daarvan:

Omdat het nogal lang kan duren eer die verre database haar goed bewaakte deurtjes opent, geef ik hier het manifesto (in Tengels) van het Upsidedownism (NL: het Onderstebovenisme, maar moet dat dan niet Bovenstenonderisme zijn, want ik zie minder voeten bovenaan dan hoofden vanonder? Met of zonder tussen-n? Voorwaar, ons Nederlands is en blijft een dwarse taal!)  :

THE MANIFESTO to reverse

Today, Art painting in the United States and the West in crisis that causes stems from the following reasons: anxiety, sadness over the death and the fragility of the human condition, the development of civilization emotionless machines. Decadence of moral values ​​and moral decadence occur daily, hourly in the family and society. Art painting in the gallery separated from society becomes meaningless to humans. From that separation is the solitude. From loneliness is despair and then anger. Western art painting went into the tunnel without any light.

Therefore, the need for innovation in painting as an action necessary to describe and reflect the profound reality and social life. Art painting ambitious Upsidedownism shouldering this responsibility – A new concept in painting is to discover objective truth hidden in reality. Create Upsidedownism means straight to the artistic freedom with a clear conscience. Upsidedownism based on the true fundamentals of life. A work strongly impressed lines Upsidedownism always led style.

Art Upsidedownism born in Seattle, WA United States fully contained Western philosophy combined with Oriental notions of adequate basic nature. This is the basic foundation of neo Upsidedownism. The US, with cultural diversity is the most favorable environment in which the artist Upsidedownism schools perform their works.

We’ll observe the natural rotation, alternating four seasons, day and night, sunrise and sunset, full moon and half moon, tides up and down .. That means all things exist in regulations prosperity and decline law. Reciprocal relationship and the conflict also is the law of nature.

Nature helps us understand the basic principles of life. There is no day without night. Without light, we can not understand how the dark, so all things are contained the seeds of destruction. In peace, is the potential for rebellion. In life, there is the germ of death. In summary, the duality is evident facts of life. Right or wrong, dead or alive, happiness or suffering …, nothing is permanent, nothing is immutable, nothing is stable.

Today, you have a job, a house, a wife. But maybe tomorrow, you lose everything. Neo Upsidedownism want to show that. The artist wants the viewer sees Upsidedownism essence, the essence of their work. They want viewers to see the inside of reality and life, to see the result and the cause. No results without material nhan.Ho want viewers from outside – can explore the inside of the truth. In these works Upsidedownism, besides the reasonable viewer can see the absurdity. Here does not mean praising the irrational but to recognize it as a fact that should pass, control, control. Neo Upsidedownism will take viewers to a new world – the world of the spirit, of freedom, of truth, of the good, the beauty and the discovery does not stop.

Upsidedownism ambitious neo create intense feelings for make viewers see the vastness of the universe, the infinite of heaven and earth. But while viewers also see the lovely and lively life.

A new land is spread out before school Upsidedownism artists that their mission is to engage in it to search for, discover the truth, the good, the beautiful, and described in his writings Upsidedownism art painting.

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