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analog synaptic potentials
digital action potentials
analog synaptic potentials
digital action potentials.

Donald Favareau: Beyond self and other: On the neurosemiotic emergence of intersubjectivity


” The explosive growth over the last two decades of neuroscience,
cognitive science, and “consciousness studies” as generally conceived,
remains as yet unaccompanied by a corresponding development in the establishment
of an explicitly semiotic understanding of how the relations of
sign exchange at the neuronal level function in the larger network of psychologically
accessible sign exchange. This article attempts a preliminary foray
into the establishment of just such a neurosemiotic. It takes, as its test case and
as its point of departure, recent discoveries from the neurobiological research
on viuso-motor transformations and on the widespread cortical phenomena of
selectively tuned, single-neuron response to argue for a vision of “intersubjectivity”
whereby the ens rationis arising as a function of the neuronal
semiosphere may be abstracted, constructed, and shared mutually across

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