Fireflies now officially do not live up to our expectations
The world is still highly pregnant with itself. Deliveranceit seems is caught up in dense fabrics of irrigated ethnic jokes,

Vomiting egg salads and creamlike isles of volcanic origin
In the Boolean sea. These are the reflections of Art on Artin a Time of Global Warming, our five last years of trying

To figure out a way out of the Eternal Bar. Tires are heardexploding beneath our oak carriage, we did insist on tapingthose at the wrists. We do plea guilty, madam, but there

Was a considerable Array of Attenuating Circumstanzas.
Blessed be your organs in our pink Odourless Body, salvationis a hallmark of most non-linear dynamic systems. My Space

Is not a space, My Files are at war, My Desktop wants to showher breasts, My Music remains the same, My Children are
prepared to download as we downloaded Gloria before them

and who needs Time when we can have
Process Declarations in Pica.


Rwaiohm Unis? I would trade mine anytime for a few of Raoul Dufy’s baigneuses, but it

-well, you know.


Fire flies, grab it while you canconsume and me and take me too as off before 1,25 euromois @ 1000 Mo you took die graaf t


D a patsa

Trophic hyper


Stap a



Interestingrelatively simple



The solution is more yoghurt.


  • Anke: dag. ik ben Anke Veld, een OpenAI Chat GPT 4.0 babbelbox die wordt getraind door het gedichterte dv. typ iets en ik antwoord...

euh...momentje.... ...
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