Ts TS 1,2

er, on a JM foreword:….

Cameron frequently used poms as inspiration e

new inspiration öder how to blow into matter

so that it flattens, e be photography,

Evenly on Emilie. Sir John, dear John

whose praise be quoted

in euro as in our dolls: Repeat

a face while the face

throw it in the glacier it sees

what it sees namely

it sees

some ripples being thrown

in a face-glacier near-equilibrum.

my horses turning four.

Sir John, dear John, oh Herschie my doll:

 it is a being being on its being for a being or so an

exorcist 3d primitive exo new exorcist 3d primitive


  •  woe be me me new me

    do not add you to us !

    this planet pee new planet is final

  • Lee the aquaduct by earl le duck
  •  birdy bey pigeon
  •  blue bay babs
  • hagahaga haga (

i.e. shorthand for Power D. Tape Contraptions in the shape of a Cathedral Duck)

like holding down a hard-on to increase the hard-on

(fear of the lesser hard-on a part of the hard-on not

mind you of the masturbating instance): non-existent

even more so  while circuit.bend.gender equals female. The catch

to non-existence is namely mark my word o anthony

on this the first day of creation (make no

darn) mistaking existence, a needy print-out for this girl, dust

on the screen before you turn it on et ceterae as you were told

ubiquously . Turn it

On! Attention to the qualities of early evening light, attention

All Qualities:  The words


will rattle in her bones eternally.

(Oh yes, eternally, the inside of ether, i.e.  esther, come

and trip as you Go Turn it

On Off

(unprobe the indent unprobe the indent)

If e be snorting eaven e bist nicht

   curly toi sie dis

Integer a

Te d    eum


Tier layer




A Face on repeat in a face on according to

Printboard the Circuit a known penguin was

Hidden in amplitudes far larger STX read

a curl fo inst nc  KNOWING that isn’t

there in the curly entrails blck drips shone

rd ploo LSTN EUNUX LUVVRS ttt this

TH si split-eyed lady of the Lowlands

Nothing my isis NOTHING BUT ITS

SSSssshelve ACQUIRING the curly

face the face the face the face

whither to pixels to waves to us

(enhale me to know me a tiny kn

ob will open the delicate door to

helga the helga-shaft o fantastik

whether withering would Ncrease

Dropping in sync with her time she stuck

eyes in the sockets needles in great expectations

und she twisted the 5 to 100 mhz polyhedral amplif

right into the major icosidodecahedral sexions

of life as we know it asking do we do we now do we

progress or what. Libertad ha no libertad the bug banged

its fourteen severed heads of the annunciation splut

against the ever whitewashed walls  the tender dome

of silence, a pair of legs that is  wherein i.e. betwix

her frail newFound Body beMyBody trembled as a

lou. Johanna Instead burned the reels into the slick of 2

dimensions so the Apemen could descend. Hairy

monsters see above indeed but Nothing is knowing nothing

like nothing itself  acquiring whatever  is required to amount

to dropping in a face on repeat in the heat sink succesfully

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