objective illusion being

the area where intensive differences
have cancelled themselves out

selbstverstandlich the thermodynamic
equilibrium conceals the virtual ze virt

tu all under ze skirt a feunall steut

Enter the dragoin. What sayeth
the Queeran Eliza-tit-sannick?

the empire cometh sayeth she

ze poetspoems badaboems

then, make no mistake,

are ze trajectories thru

lexicalladasiacinuitical fields

of onneur, she must stand
tall in the field of onneurs

driven by no you fool no
negro: indeed x-numbered
red niggers hava yoa evva

seena anya bigga? Man we’re

talking attractors here.

The final state ufcurse being
the inscriptingetinge, the absinthing

wound in the quivverflesh of ze weurld

shaking like cat stevens on aftershave.

No goddamnit i will not grant you
freedom, nor you will inherit my hand

as i rip its skin off these few seconds i

cannot but spent with thee, you

hypponucleothamical crashflaggin critsick

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