Wake up it’s time 4 bed

As us loosers do don’t we while it turns on/
off incessantly. Border listed. While O
the gushing wounds paint us our heaven
new heaven may this be our heaven, for

as long as you be our one or lesser then us
the sun slams into our nights, speech takes
a hike, meat rests hooked o eyes behold the
Last Great American Poet as she lays down

her literate body before thy wanking sighs
light emanating from her thighs, rounding
cheeckbones, fingering shoulderblades from
here till her eternally correct hairdo will you

be my hairdo i’ll hairdo you too. 43% of the
of the world population wants to be Irish or
at least fuck one. Type the characters you
see in the picture above it says eiryoh but

there’s no one left to believe me.

Sleep tight this my bleeding memeorites
Sleep tight this my bloody mass
Sleep tight this my blooming vomitations.
Sleep tight save as draft
Sleep tight publish
Sleep tight sleep

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