Bjørn Magnhildøen isbn 978-82-92428-30-6: aware nevery

aware nevery
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the escape from paradox lies in the realization that if you cannot let go of your mind, if you must be in control of it, then you are already acting spontaneously. in other words, if an activity is beyond your conscious control, then you are by definition being spontaneous. if you cannot, by an act of will, decide whether or not to control your mind, then your mind cannot possibly be controlled by you. in considering this process, your ego illustrates its own superfluousness.

so, then, you are told to stop grasping, to stop seeking, or desiring.
you then try to stop. but, in attempting to not grasp or attempting to not desire, you are, in fact, grasping at not grasping and desiring not to desire. it seems, then, impossible to stop.
as before, this realization is the key to understanding. consider that if you were in fact desiring to desire, you could presumably stop. if you were grasping something, you could presumably let it go. but we have just seen that this appears logically impossible in terms of the mind.
the obvious conclusion is that you were not grasping, not in control, to begin with – or, equivalently, there is nothing to be let go of.

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