HÎ all,

Suddenly the Cathedral is having a little severely aged savage
bourjoy spring rite at it’s doorstep
including ‘V is 4 Vessel’, a male only collibri-addiction
– 6 lines starting with “i knew a girl once” -thing
you’re all welcome to contribute 2 ‘V is 4 Vessel’
using your male mail addresses.

You can send in your verse to before 29/03/2006 2:47 GMT +1
plus anything to go with/underneath/above it that’s under 1000 kb
heck you could even show us the film of your life as long as
it’s got six lines of verse in it that start with
“i knew a girl once”.
It don’t need to be high literature, i’ve put a nice example on the homepage,
a masterfull verse by my good friend VuDu, the vempyre poet.
It don’t need to be anything like that example. It don’t need to be coy either.
It just needs to be six lines starting with “i knew a girl once”.

4 days to go.

A personal selection of contributions will be published in a Cathedral Scroll at after 28/03/2006,
as soon as i can get them sorted out.

All contributions will be published at
When you send sth in you will receive an invitation from the blog app,
so you’ll be able to post there till kingdom come or google goes broke.
This is not an April Fools thing.
No press – no rewards except your own.

QT, MP3, SWF, PDF, larger bitmaps & shockwave will be hosted on ViLTNET
provided they’re send before 29/03/2006 2:47 GMT +1

4 days to go.

Please state in your mail if & how
you want your credentials to appear,
preferably just provide a page i can link to
or fill out your blogspot profile.

KEYWORDS: spring, male, memory, gender, Cathedral, writing, whatever, www


Why the rush?
the Cathedral wants spontaneous stuff, no balanced art objects, it’s a process thing.
If you can’t come up with anything in 4 days that means it just wasn’t there.

Why are u doing this?
Dunno. It’s nearly Spring here & i heard a lot of guys complaining and getting moody lately.
Somehow, at one point they all started talking about a girl they once knew.

Who’s gonna run the blog after 29/03/2006 2:47 GMT +1?
You are. Everybody gets admin rights to the blog, the first one who’s in gets to delete my rights on 29/03/2006 2:47 GMT +1.
I don’t feel ok with collabs after 3 or 4 days & besides i already have a Cathedral to run.

Why 29/03/2006 2:47 GMT +1?
It’s 4 days from now if i got it right (i’m very stupid with time)

What will be your criterea for the personal selection?
if there’s anything to select, i will primarily select stuff that _also_ comments
on writing and/or the WWW in a way that makes sense to me

Please spread this invitation anywhere you see fit.

sea ya,
dv @ Neue Kathedrale des erotischen Elends

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