Another LQ post

Modag Jargal One

abreast the tom-tom-tokamakara

from glen to glen
O Danny boy, le freak

C’est Sheik
whose Ferrari Sport Utility Vehicle
whose rear mounted artillery decibel
whose dish-dashing
scimitar language

like a rubber robber donut gong
in the musical hell of bosch

comes like a breath
fresh from a lion fish

comes like an iron snail boot
bot-bleak from a black smoker

who stubs his butt
in a plastic smokey the bear jesus head engine pulling its entrainment of desiderrata through the mountains of an imaginal mirror
where the motor of representation

bathes like the star-nippled Vulcan Diananaut in the glade of the pharmakon

odalisque within odalisque

orchid within spiderorchidantennahelmetstamen whose rear mounted artillery decibel is Ferrous Pan mouthing fur in the Atlas mountain bandit sugar cane herm scarf cuff-link

is the

glacial hand of Mohammad descending into the bony and ricketed face of irrigation

is the

molecular teddy-bear
of blood golems who surf on chocolate cookies in San Tropez

is the

yonker conch of holy Jamaica

is the

Sufiwoolen mitten of a million masturbating silversmiths whose careening convertibles form a waterfall of sentences too pure to be spoken to pure to be uttered in discrete letters too pure to be designated by the galactic stick embryo of language’s hubris whose cavalcadi is the satanic wedding dress of the "Countess of Mugley" an elegant dancing robotic lithophone whose saddles are the finest satin whose riders are purest nymph-meat freckled in blue mantis which vivify the romantic clock black error with a delirious deliceum whose meaning like a spear through the heart is a diamond-eyed serpent flung to the cloud goliath by a david as puny as the word and mightier than a snuggling kitten feted by trance’s candle-light

this desk is a cavernous skull of dancing orders and like a pink orchid knight chasing arcimboldorosed windmills whose grist is a veiled purchase lame with sparkling perfections umbilicall’d to a fool’s paradiso sauntering on blessed bell-like sucker pods marking the breasts of the loved one like a blind and shaggy grandfather octopus poem Victor Hugo as a hermit in the Sea

by Phanero 27/ 02/ 2006 20:27

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